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Tattoo Laser


Do you have a tattoo you wish you hadn't gotten?
Or lighten and existing tattoo to cover?
Or do you want to start fresh ? 

Skin Fantasy Tattoo has been offering Tattoo Laser Removal for 10 years with one operator. Since 2017 we now have a Quanta Q-Switch laser with two operators available for bookings upon appointment. 

Each tattoo removal is individual and we arrange a Free consultation for clients who are considering removing or lightening their tattoos. With this machine, our customers reduce their chances of scarring & long term disappointment. 

Contact our friendly team today. 


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At Skin Fantasy Tattoo & Body Piercing, we don't compromise on the quality of our service or our equipment for any job. 

This is why in our treatments we use the best performing laser tattoo removal machine. The Quanta Q-Switched laser, manufactured by Quanta System from Milan, Italy. 

The Quanta Q-Switched tattoo removal machine is known globally, as one of the best, high performance laser systems with the ability to remove tattoos of all colours, shapes & sizes.
This means better equipment for our clients. 


Our Quanta Q-Switched laser tattoo removal machine works by giving off short & extremely powerful laser pulses. This ensures that the entire process will be very efficient because the laser hits the ink particles directly & very precisely. 

Another factor that sets our laser apart from all the others laser systems, is that it doesn't concentrate the energy in one spot. Other laser machine tend to do this & create "hot spots". As a result, the process becomes more painful for clients & it can cause bleeding, blistering & scarring. 



We have our clients best interests at heart and provide them with pain management during all sessions. 

This is in the form of a consistent cooling system. It ensures the skin is kept cool during and after the treatment & allows the laser tattoo removal machine to work with less discomfort to you. 

We review your tattoo at each session to ensure we are approaching your removal process with longevity in mind. This means we want the best result for you & ensure we are applying our knowledge to achieve this. Taking time to be efficient & effective for your removal process, without compromising your end results. 

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